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OPM - Oxford Project Management: web design in one day - bespoke web development - the one day clinic A stylish overhaul for this world leading project management company. An intuitive site designed to drive visitors to the three core offereings that make the company stand out amongst its competition.
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We will spend a morning with you designing your bespoke website.

build a website in one day

We then put your site together with all the bits of marketing magic and functionality you requested.

the one day website clinic

You can either ask us to help you with your copywriting, or enter it yourself if you have our CMS.

The One Day Clinic Service

So, what happens on our One Day Clinic? In a nutshell, you arrive in the morning without a website and leave in the afternoon with one. We'd like to say: "naturally Rome wasn't built in a day", but that doesn't seem appropriate...

We actually start the process from the moment you click Submit on the Order Now form. From that point, you have let us know exactly what you're after and we will confirm the cost and date of your clinic. After that, we'll send you a little homework to do - don't worry, it's really quite straightforward. This step is the key to your one day website's success, so if you have any queries just give us a shout.

The questions we ask relate to look and feel, functionality, dislikes and most importantly your target markets. The answers will allow us to sketch a design layout and a functional schematic for your new website. We will also put together a site map before you arrive and this will be the first thing we discuss with you.

Once the site map is signed off, we'll work with you to get the design just-so. We know that design is subjective, but with our expert guidance and your intimate knowledge of your clients, we'll come to the winning design. Now our designers will hand the project over to our developers. It is fair to say that this is not the most interesting part of our industry, so attendees tend to head off for lunch about now, or have an afternoon nap...

However, this is usually a good time to talk about your content. We are able to provide you with some ideas, or get a copywriter to create your content with you - so just let us know if you plan on coming with copy or if you want us to create it for you. That's pretty much it; all that is left to do is marry the finished site with your content.

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