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Oxford Integrated Solutions: web design in one day - bespoke web development - the one day clinic Oxford Integrated Solutions is Oxfordshires leading independent asbestos surveyors keeping their clients informed of the latest regulations.
web site design, website development

We will spend a morning with you designing your bespoke website.

build a website in one day

We then put your site together with all the bits of marketing magic and functionality you requested.

the one day website clinic

You can either ask us to help you with your copywriting, or enter it yourself if you have our CMS.

Our prices

It's pretty straight forward; our basic package is £600 and it includes the first year of hosting and email. If you want to add a little "je ne sais quoi", have a look at the other things we can offer - all clearly labelled and priced so there are no shocks when you get our invoice! Our best sellers are the Content Management System along with Font Replacement Technology.

Standard Clinic

Our standard package which allows you to come in and build your website in One Day with the help of our expert staff. We will include the first £55 of hosting too!

  • Bespoke website Design
  • 100MB of webspace worth £55 hosting of year 1 (£55pa thereafter)
  • 1 domain name ( only)
  • Face to Face Consultancy with the person who will build your site with you
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Submission to major directories and Search Engines
  • Comprehensive, graphical website statistics package
  • Up to 5 individual POP3 email addresses
  • Full tech support on hosting issues
  • 14 days support on website issues
  • Site map design
  • Contact form
  • “Join our mailing” list form

Please note that this option requires: Standard Hosting to function.

Initial cost: £750. No repeat costs.

Standard Hosting

Our standard hosting package, inlcuded in the first year.

Initial cost: £0, £55 annually thereafter.

Content Management System

We will install a content management system for you so you can edit any page of content you wish, at any time. Ideal for businesses moving forward.

  • Control your website’s content from any web enabled computer
  • Free training
  • No implication on delivery of your One Day Website

Please note that this option requires: Hosting Upgrade A to function.

Initial cost: £150. No repeat costs.

Hosting Upgrade A

Our hosting upgrade for those of you that need a little more space or more email addresses. This is required for the Content Management System

  • 250 MB space
  • 20 POP 3 email accounts
  • Database support

Initial cost: £55, £110 annually thereafter.

Hosting Upgrade B

A bigger hosting package allowing many more email accounts, as well as integrated webmail - The convinience of Hotmail, with your business email.

  • 500 MB webspace
  • 100 POP3 email accounts
  • Integrated Webmail

Initial cost: £165, £220 annually thereafter.


Got something to say? Something to offer your clients? Something to teach people? Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool by publishing content to attentive readers. Works wonders for organic SEO, too.

  • Allows the webmaster (and any other named user) to post blogs directly to your site.
  • Ideal for improving your Search Engine ranking
  • Great for increasing repeat visits
  • Reduce your bounce rate considerably

Please note that this option requires: Content Management System to function.

Initial cost: £100. No repeat costs.

Smart URLs

Get rid of complicated URLs full of question marks and numbers! Help Search Engines and Users know where they are and what they are reading. Great for quick and easy marketing campaigns for memorable web addresses too.

  • Allows the pages’ URLs to be named after their headline.
  • Increases Search Engine Optimisation performance
  • Great for marketing

Please note that this option requires: Content Management System to function.

Initial cost: £50. No repeat costs.

Smart Forms

Allows you to create your own forms and to email you directly with any entries instantly. A great tool for marketeers offering free samples or email newsletters.

  • Allows the creation of bespoke forms
  • Create a quote request forms, download request forms, user authentication and data collection

Please note that this option requires: Content Management System to function.

Initial cost: £50. No repeat costs.

Flash banner/animation

Add some pizzazz to your site with an animated banner or navigation system. Prices start at £150 depending on requirements.

  • Help draw people in.
  • Make it exciting!
  • Get a call to action in your banner
  • Reduce your bounce rate considerably

Initial cost: £150. No repeat costs.

Add to any share/save/bookmark

Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking sites with this Share widget. Allow your clients, colleagues and friends to share your website's contents with hundred or even thousands of people by word of mouth.

  • User can share, save, bookmark and email your pages and stories
  • Includes Digg, Facebook Twitter and over 100 more social networking sites!
  • Take full advantage of the power of iPR and social networking

Please note that this option requires: Content Management System to function.

Initial cost: £40. No repeat costs.

Font Replacement

Seamless and smart fonts used on any website with a twist: they're Search Engine Firendly.

Initial cost: £20. No repeat costs.

Please note that all figures are in GBP, subject to change without notice and exclude VAT.

Terms and Conditions

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